Asthma Testimonial

Testimonials from patients successfully treated for asthma with the Q&D Asthma Treatment Program

I am 59 years old male, has suffered from recurrent attacks of Asthma for the last 12 years. I have been sent to the hospital 40 times due to Acute Asthma Attacks in last 12 years. My Asthma symptoms were present for the entire year if I didn’t take the following inhalers: 1. Spiviva 18 mg once every morning; 2. Seretide 250 mg twice daily (morning and evening); 3. Combivent metered aerosol.

If I got an asthma attack, I always suffered from wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing with white/yellowish sputum. In severe instances, I have to take Combivent inhaler 2 – 3 time during 5 hours of golf play.

After I received a course of Acupuncture treatment from Qiong Di Wu, all of my symptoms disappeared. I felt more energetic and was able to gradually reduce those inhalers dosage. After 6 weeks of the acupuncture treatment, I almost stopped taking inhaler.

Now I am enjoying golf without the need to take any inhalers. My body weight has also been reduced by 6 – 8 pounds by being off the Asthma medication. I am very pleased that I’ve gone off the medication after 12 years.