Facial Paralysis Testimonial

Testimonials from patients treated for Facial Paralysis at Q&D Acupuncture

I am 40 years of age female, when I visited Qiong-Di’s clinic in October 2003 with right side of my face suddenly paralyzed when I woke up in the morning. I was exposed to cold weather for few days. I had abnormal taste and numbness on the front of tongue, soreness around the right ear, and tenderness in the mostoidal region for two days before this happened.

I wasn’t able to lift up my right cheeks. Facial buccal region was relaxed and strengthless. The sense of taste was lost, but the sense of hearing was hypersensitive. Qiong-Di examined me and found that my mouth and eye were wry. The eyes could not be closed entirely; there was no movement on my forehead, and I had difficulty in frowning.

I’ve visited a doctor in Cork University Hospital in order to exclude the possibility of it being a fatal disease such as facial tumour, wind stroke, auto-immune problems etc. Before I came to visit Qiong-Di’s clinic, the doctor told me that it could take 3 – 6 months to recover 70% and that there may be some complications left. I was very worried and depressed.

I had a few acupuncture treatments combined with Chinese herbal medicine in Qiong-Di’s Clinic. On the fifth day of onset, my face started to recover – I could lift up my right cheek. The right side of my facial muscle felt strengthened, and my eyelid started to move. After another a week of acupuncture treatment, my symptoms had an 85% recovery, and three weeks after the first onset of symptoms, my face had recovered 95%.

I recovered fully in less than four weeks without any complications and highly recommended those who suffer from facial palsy to try acupuncture.