Pain Relief Testimonials

Testimonials from patients treated for chronic pain at Q&D Acupuncture.

Back Pain

"Relief from back pain, that I wouldn't have believed possible"

I had a discectomy in November 1990 after suffering from a herniated disc, which resulted from a fall. The surgery was successful, primarily due to the fact that I had a very strong back prior to the fall.

I had a relatively good run with the occasional flare up until I moved home in June 2003. During the house move I tore two sets of muscles in my back, aggravated the old disc injury and damaged my sciatic nerve. Not a very successful house move!

I went down the conventional route and went on heavy medication for over 6 month, before my back finally healed. I was taking the usual cocktail of drugs, valium, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants. At one stage I was even wearing Morphine patches for a few weeks and wearing a “Tens” machine. I found the medication very hard on my system and at this stage regret having taken such heavy medication, but when you are in pain you will take anything.

I had another slight flare up in October 2004, at this stage I decided to try Acupuncture. I attended Dr. Qiong Di Wu and despite my initial nervousness about needles I found the treatment very beneficial.

I couldn’t believe it when in January 2005 I hurt my back really badly again. I had severe pain in my lower back, but luckily I had no pain down my leg. I telephoned Qiong Di and got an immediate appointment. At this stage I could not even stand when I got out of bed in the morning and had to begin the day on my hands and knees. I attended Qiong Di and she carried out what she described as “special treatment”. Before I left her rooms I could almost touch my toes! I couldn’t believe the improvement and if any one else had told me I would not have believed them. The transformation was incredible. I returned the following week for another treatment and within days I was back to normal, with NO pain whatsoever. I really could not believe it.

I hope you never have to endure severe back pain, but if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from it, try Acupuncture. It really is amazing.

- Mr. Cullen

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

History of Symptoms: I first noticed I had TMJ. when I was 20 years old back is the summer of 1997. Over the years the condition got worse and I experienced great pain and discomfort is the jaw muscles.

Treatments: I tried everything. I got a gun shield made specially which is a well known for TMJ. I spend hundreds of pounds on as osteopath who provided temporary relief, I took lots of pain killers, did jaw exercises and went to a recommended acupuncturist but all to no avail.

Solution: At the beginning of October 2007, I was preparing to go to my brothers wedding in Portugal. As best man, I did not want to have to worry about being is pain for the whole week. Out of a total random selection is the phone book, I rang the TUNG-CHI Traditional Chinese Health Centre. After one session I knew that I had found a solution to my problem. My week in Portugal was pain free and ever since this I have been pain free. I would highly recommend the TUNG-CHI TCH Centre to anyone who is looking for an alterative of treatment.

- Mr. Crowley