Tui-Na Massage & Reflexology

A natural healing hand therapy.


Tui-na is Traditional Chinese massage that has been used in China for 2,000 years. Tui-Na uses the traditional Chinese medical theory of the flow of Qi through the meridians as its basic therapeutic principle. Tui-Na uses this principle to treat patients through the application of massage and manipulation techniques by using the arms, hands, fingers, elbows and knees as tools to stimulate acupuncture points or other parts of the body surface so as to correct physiological imbalances of the body, disperse and smooth obstructions in the body and achieve curative effect for treating diseases and illnesses. It is also used to protect health and build up the body’s immunity, so that disease can be stopped in its early stages. In this way Tui-Nai acts as a preventative measure, without any side effects.

Tui-na is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also encompasses acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and exercise (Qi-gong) to treat the whole body, mind and spirit.

Tui Na can apply to the clothed body or directly apply on the skin. Patients sit on a chair or lie on a couch. Be prepared to answer some questions about your state of health before having a Tui Na treatment.

In our clinic, we are offering the following types of Tui-Na Massage:

  • Body Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Pregnancy Massage

Tui-Na Body Massage

Tui-Na body massage is used to press the Acu-point along the Meridian to unblock the Qi and blood for rapid relief from pain and to relax tense muscles. It can also improve circulation and stretch tight muscles.

It is used to treat chronic pain, especially that caused by muscle-skeletal conditions and injuries. Neck, shoulder and back pain and immobility, sciatica and 'tennis elbow' all respond very well to body massages. A list of other conditions that can be treated include:

  • Lower back pain, Prolapsed discs, Sciatica pain
  • Neck / shoulder pain & tension
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Strains & injuries
  • Tennis / golfer elbow
  • High blood pressure, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis (rheumatoid & osteoarthritis)
  • Shin splints, runner knee
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • M.S (multiple sclerosis)
  • M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome)

Tui-Na is a deeply relaxing process and can be used to relieve stress as well as treat insomnia and headaches.

Tui-Na Foot Reflexology 

This non-invasive hand therapy based on the principle that every part of the body relates to a reflex point on the foot to stimulate the reflex Acu-point to improve circulation on foot.

  • Inducing deeply relaxation to relieve tension, stress, insomnia, headache.
  • Improving blood & nerve supply for cold & numbness foot
  • Improving digestion & IBS
  • Improving sinus congestion & Respiratory problem
  • Relieving diabetic foot numbness & poor circulation
  • Relieving side effect of chemotherapy peripheral never numbness
  • Stroke rehabilitation for limbs function and speech recovery.
  • M.S (multiple sclerosis)

Tui-Na Head Massage

Tui-Na Head massage is a gentle hand therapy which uses Acu-points along the scalp to relieve a variety of conditions such as:

  • Migraine & headache
  • Insomnia, poor memory & concentration
  • Neck / shoulder stiffness
  • Sinus
  • Eye and ear soreness & pain
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Mental stress

Tui-Na Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time in a woman’s life, but sometimes this transformation can cause discomfort, stress, and depletion of a woman’s body and energy. As the baby grows it can begin to demand more energy (Qi) and blood than the mother can produce. When this condition occurs, various symptoms can arise, such as lower back strain, swelling or water retention, and digestive upset.

Through massage, the muscles can be relaxed to allow the blood to move more freely and efficiently, which leads to better circulation, decreased swelling, and increased energy. Focus on the immune system through the lymph can also help to insure the health of the mother throughout gestation. The following pregnancy related issues can be treated:

  • Morning sickness
  • Pregnant back, knee and ankle pain
  • Pregnant carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Relieve stress & insomnia
  • Pre-labour relaxation and induce Labour for mature pregnancy

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